Corporate Learning Portal- Totara 

Ask anyone what it is the most important factor to their organization’s success and they would tell you it is the knowledge and skills of its people. Then ask them how would how would do you turn that vision to reality! You get different answers, but they would all agree that technology plays a central role in how people acquire and share their knowledge and skills.  


The WRONG approach to realizing this vision is to think of technology as a tool you can buy, or a website you can build, just like Word, PowerPoint, or procurement portal. One thing we can tell you from the outset is that learning in general and learning technology cannot live in isolation.

The unique role of the LMS

Learning management systems (LMS) used to be a vehicle for managing online learning and delivering online courses and content.

No More.

Corporate LMSs sit at the heart of the organization's knowledge and skills acquisition process and bring all of these elements together :

Company objectives

What the company wants to achieve translated to individual tasks that require knowledge and skills to achieve


Regulatory and industry compliance requirements in terms of competency, skills, and reporting requirements.


The individuals making up the organization, each with their unique competency, knowledge and skills needs.


Learning strategies, resources and modes (face-to-face, blended, online)


Whatever that can be used to further the learning process from email to websites, to 3D models.

Performance tracking

Track every aspect to the learning process and compare it against company, departmental, individual, and learning goals.

We have partnered with Totara because we truly believe it fulfills this central role of how corporate LMS should perform

Why should you consider Totara

Multimodal Learning

Totara Learn provides a portal from which learners can access instructor-led training, self-paced e-learning and virtual classroom sessions for engaging blended learning.

Managing compliance and assessment

Totara Learn provides sophisticated assessment and reporting functionality to ensure and track compliance in your organisation.

Integrates with social learning

Totara Learn provides a range of tools such as chat, wikis and forums to support informal learning. It also integrates neatly with Totara Social, an  enterprise social network designed to enable learners to collaboratively build a body of invaluable shared knowledge.

Easy Integration

It is essential your LMS connects with key business information systems. Maximise your return on investment and minimise your data entry tasks with HR Sync.


Totara Learn interface is fully mobile responsive. This means that office-based or field-based staff may rely on access to tablets or phones to stay connected.

Customised reporting

Totara allows managers to track their team learning progress through nicely formatted reports. Moreover, the report builder interface in Totara allows the organization to generate tabular and graphical reports that matches their requirements.

Why should you consider Human Logic for your Totara deployment


We have been providing high-quality LMS implementation services for government, universities, and corporate clients for the past 14 years.

Learning First

We understand that the goal is to facilitate learning. We focus our efforts on achieving this goal with technology in mind.

Technology Mastery

With 14 years of experience under our belt, our staff members have mastered the skills of operating and implementing LMS systems. 

Course Acquisition

To help you get the most from your portal, we can help you build courses to create a complete learning environment.

End-to-End implementation

We take care of everything from start to finish to make sure your system is operational and supported. 

In the Cloud or on Premise

You can choose on-premise installation or cloud implementation for the minimal impact to your infrastructure and the maximum convenience.