What…You haven’t moved to the cloud yet?

Don’t worry. We can guide you every step of the way based on your business and financial goals. 
Born in the cloud

It seems like everyone is moving their infrastructure and applications to the cloud. But just because an idea is popular, it doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Even though we’re big believers in cloud technology, we think you should move to the cloud at your own pace. And we’ll work with you to ensure the cloud is right for your business and financial objectives. 

How we can help

If you’re still considering the cloud…

We can help you evaluate the benefits of the cloud and how it’s right for you. Then we can help you with creating a cloud strategy and planning for the implementation. 

If you’re ready to go to the cloud…

Our certified cloud technicians will work closely with your IT department to ensure the smooth cloud migration and deployment of your cloud infrastructure. We’ll make sure your staff is properly trained to manage the cloud.  

If you’re already on the cloud…

We can help you enhance your cloud installation, plus provide cloud management and cloud support. We can also work with you to create a disaster recovery site to support the future continuation of your business. 

Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner

We implement all services on Microsoft Azure Global Infrastructure

We provide SaaS implementation for Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint Online and Microsoft Dynamics Online

Why we offer cloud solutions

Read our cloud story blog article to find out. 

Our Cloud Services 

Strategy and Planning

We have the experience and patience to help you with every aspect of planning for your move to the cloud.

Cloud Migration

We use best-in-class tools to provide fast, safe and seamless application migration to the cloud to improve your operation. 

Cloud Managed Services

We can help you take advantage of highly scalable and secure hosted solutions to help you grow your business.

Cloud Backup

Our simple and reliable cloud backup solution lets you keep your operation running day in and day out—and reduce costs. 

Cloud Archiving

We can help you with cloud archiving, so you can easily store data for compliance, taxes and other reasons. 

Disaster Recovery

We implement disaster recovery in the cloud as a more cost-effective and faster alternative to traditional backup methods.

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