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Learning Portals for Business

In the business world, we’re always working with and processing information. Thankfully, technology helps us stay connected through email, instant messages, blogs and websites. But we’ve got to have the expertise we need to do our job at the same pace as our work. 


Learning management systems can bridge the gap. They can provide formal and informal training for everyone in your organization with 24-7 access. And without stressing your budget.  

The Flexible Role of Learning Portals 

You can adapt learning portals to your specific needs. For companies, learning management systems are like a one-stop training hall: You transfer knowledge and skills; communicate and conduct learning activities; and manage the whole learning cycle on one interface. For education institutions, virtual learning environments are like a classroom—except without walls and schedules

Learning portals serve multiple functions, including:

Consolidate content

They are a  place where learning resources are stored and categorized to enhance access to information

Conduct learning activities

They offer an opportunity to conduct learning activities such as exam, homework, games and blogging

Collaborate and communicate

They are a medium where individuals interact with educators and with each other to learn and gain support through various tools 

Learning Portals for Education

Moodle lets educators create amazing virtual learning environments that fit the habits and demands of a new generation of learners, millennials. Technology is central to the lives and interactions of modern e-learners. So why shouldn’t their education experience fit their lifestyle? 


Learning portals let students interact with educators and others all the time to access knowledge and support. This type of anytime learning lets them get the most from their educational activities and experience. It increases their chance for success.

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Why work with Human Logic


We have been providing high-quality LMS implementation services for government, universities, and corporate clients for the past 14 years.

End-to-End implementation

We take care of everything from start to finish to make sure your system is operational and supported. 

Learning First

We understand that the goal is to facilitate learning. We focus our efforts on achieving this goal with technology in mind. 

Course Acquisition

To help you get the most from your portal, we can help you build courses to create a complete learning environment. (Learn more)

Technology Mastery

With 14 years of experience under our belt, our staff members have mastered the skills of operating and implementing LMS systems. 

In the Cloud or on Premise

You can choose on-premise installation or cloud implementation for the minimal impact to your infrastructure and the maximum convenience.

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What is the Moodle Educator Certification Program and Why Should You Attend?

The moodle educator certification program (mec) is a comprehensive teaching and learning curriculum designed to build and recognize mastery of education-based digital competence through the use of the moodle platform.

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