Born in the cloud

We are often asked why are we involved in cloud computing and so passionate about it.

The short answer is that it is part of our DNA and at the center of our application development and deployment strategy.

However, our history better explains how we come to be a cloud champion and how we adapted cloud principles even before the term was popular

In our humble beginning, we were developing web-based and internet-centric applications.

But we did not want to put our resources in building an expensive data center and expensive internet connection (they are and still expensive in our region)

We looked at affordable alternatives to building a data center. And over the years dabbled into using other people’s resources to deploy our applications. They were called “Shared hosting,” “Dedicating Hosting,” and “server colocation” among other things.

What we learned during this period is how to make our application light and agile. We learned how to secure our applications and make them enterprise-ready for our clients. We also made sure they are portable so we can scale them to take advantage of bigger resources. These activities allowed us to get prepared for the concepts and strategies of cloud computing.

But our biggest perpetrator was a project for a virtual computing using VMware. We wanted to make our applications leaner on a client’s infrastructure. So, we worked with the client to deploy our application on VMWare virtual server instead of physical servers. The savings were huge.

When cloud computing started getting traction, we were ready for it. We made all our applications cloud ready and optimized for the cloud. We decided not to stop there. We wanted to share our experience with our clients and bring benefits of cloud computing to them. We are now a very enthusiastic provider of cloud computing services.

The cloud allowed us to punch above our weight. It allowed us to develop, deploy, and scale applications that support thousands of users. It allowed us to focus on developing great applications for our clients, without worrying about the infrastructure. And in the process, we learned how to become cloud-centric, in development, deployment and most importantly in design and thinking. When it come to the cloud, we are more than a service a provider. We live and breathe the technology we provide

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